New Series Starting September 8


Heaven is not an endless church service

Heaven is not a spiritual existence in the clouds

Heaven is not about your personal fulfillment


Can you imagine…

a resurrected life in a resurrected body on a resurrected earth with the resurrected Christ?

Join us on Sundays from September 8 - November 24


What is a Family of Missionaries?

Families nurture growth, enjoy one another, and provide stability for life. Missionaries are sent out to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ as they engage people in the community. You will find a family here that loves you, and you will learn to be a missionary wherever God has placed you.

Our Vision

God has made us to be a Welcoming, Transforming, and Sending church that makes disciples of Jesus Christ by helping people Get Connected, Get Grounded, Get Healthy, Get Strong, and Get Going.


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