Advent Devotional - Dec 21 - John 1:1-18

Read John 1:1-18

Contemplate: John’s gospel starts by going all the way back to the beginning of the Bible. Remember the creation account of Genesis 1? John uses the exact same language to start his gospel: “In the beginning…” But this time, he says, “In the beginning was the Word.” The Word is the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus has existed eternally and he was present and active in the process of creation. Through Him all things were made. He is the life and light of all mankind. Jesus became flesh and made his dwelling among us. This word “dwelling” is the same word for “Tabernacle” in the Old Testament. Jesus is now the presence of God in the flesh! God had already shown his grace by choosing a people for himself and giving them his Law, but now he is giving “grace in place of grace already given” in the person of Jesus Christ (John 1:16-17).

Pray: Think about the reality that Jesus was the prime instrument in creation. Think about the fact that he is the very presence of God on earth. Think about the truth that He is the embodiment of grace and that he is God himself in the flesh. Praise him, give him thanks, ascribe all the glory that he is due!