Advent Devotional - Dec 4 - Genesis 3

Read Genesis 3

Contemplate: The most fundamental lie is the question, “Did God really say?” The serpent successfully plants a seed of doubt in the goodness and the sovereignty of God. He convinces Eve that she could decide for herself the goodness of God’s command. Adam and Eve make a choice to become gods of their own lives. And the immediate effect is shame; they hide when God calls for them. The most fundamental reaction to sin is shame. It is at the heart of our separation from God. Adam and Eve’s sin results in a curse, a separation from God and from his good place that he made for them. But already we see an allusion to redemption. Genesis 3:15 points ahead to an offspring of Eve who will crush the head of the serpent. And Genesis 3:21 tells us that God made garments of animal skin for Adam and Eve, which means that an animal needed to die in order for the shame of Adam and Eve’s nakedness to be covered. This gives us a sneak-peak at the need for a substitute to die in order for our sin to be covered.

Pray: Confess to the Lord your own tendency toward rebellion and making yourself your own god. Praise God for the fact that He decided to spare Adam and Eve’s life and hint at his plan to redeem humanity.