Advent Devotional - Dec 15 - Isaiah 7:1-8:18

Read Isaiah 7:1-8:18

Contemplate: Isaiah started his commission as a prophet around 740 BC. At this time, the northern Kingdom of Israel had allied itself with the king of Aram (a pagan nation). They both wanted to attack Jerusalem, and King Ahaz feared this would be the end for the southern Kingdom of Judah. But Isaiah and his family become living symbols to prove God’s faithfulness to save his people and save the House of David. In order to prove the Jerusalem will not fall, Isaiah’s wife will give birth to a son and the northern Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Aram will both be destroyed by Assyria before this boy knows how to say, “Mommy and daddy.” Isaiah trusts in God’s promises and his family stands as proof that God will be faithful. This takes on greater fulfillment in the person of Jesus Christ. We’ve all heard Isaiah 7:14 at Christmas time. In the same way as Isaiah’s son is the living proof of God’s faithfulness to save his people, so Jesus is the living proof of the saving act of God to redeem his people. Jesus is the ultimate “Immanuel” (God with us) who represents God’s faithful presence and saving acts.

Pray: Give thanks to God for his promise to be with us. Praise Jesus for being the real proof of God’s faithfulness and his salvation.