Advent Devotional - Dec 17 - Isaiah 11

Read Isaiah 11

Contemplate: Isaiah tells us that the Messiah will shoot up from the stump of Jesse. He will be like a tender plant sprouting from the seemingly dead stump of the tree of David’s family line. Jesse was David’s father. So this Messiah will be one of David’s descendants. He will be full of the Spirit of the Lord, he will judge with justice, he will speak in a way that convicts the world (“he will strike the earth with the rod of his mouth”, see also Isaiah 49:2; Revelation 1:16; 2:16; 19:15, 21). Peace will reign and strife will end. He will gather in the remnant of God’s people from all over the earth. God’s missionary heart for the blessing of all people on the earth will be achieved through the Messiah, fulfilling the promise to Abraham from Genesis 12.

Pray: Praise Jesus that he reigns with justice and righteousness. We need him to be the King of our lives. Praise Jesus that he stands as a banner for God’s people to rally to. Pray that more people will come running to Jesus and find shelter under his Lordship as King of their lives.